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Veeramma is the name of Rangayana Raghu mother. Unfortunately after a year plus of RR her mother died. When he was at the age of eight standard one of his friend suggested that mother should be remembered in a strong way.

At this time the imprint of his mother name on his right hand strike his thought. From a long time the name of his mother is on his right hand. Only one time it was covered for a film shooting. For all other time RR is managing with the name on his hand.

The new development in the professional life of Rangayana Raghu is that he is turning singer from ‘Ice Pice’. He is delivering the song Odadtha idde Ondhu Hudugi Siklu…..he has two romantic songs with Neethu.


Veteran actor RN Sudarahan has faced a typical situation while shooting for ‘Pungi Daasa’ Kannada cinema. He plays the grandfather role. He dies in the film and obviously many activities take place with presumed dead Sudarahan.

On the ‘Chatta’ Sudarshan is asked to sleep for more than three days as proceedings are more for the film. Every day he used to get up after shot is OK. But our culture and tradition says playing such role should also follow ‘Drushti Pooje’ for the actor.

Sudarshan was suggested to madly laugh in front of the camera and after that the lemons were cut and thrown all over to appease the evil forces.

‘Drushti Tegeyo Kelsa’ is forgotten aspect in social life. It is still prevalent in villages to keep away evil eyes.

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