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Producer R Venkatappa is quite a happy man investing Rs.6 crores on his project ‘Silk’. The publicity he got from this film is beyond his imagination. He got Rs.2 crores from BKT and asking is good all over. The film will be dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam languages. There are chances of reshoot of 20 percent keeping in view the comedy track. According to Trishul ‘Silk’ will be in around 16 languages.

R Venkatappa specially thanked Srinivasamurthy for accepting to do the role in this film.

According to director Trishool the people are aware of this film. It is a family cinema and woman fraternity has to watch it he recommends for his ‘A’ grade cinema. I am sure a few would definitely cry watching this film he observes.

Actor Akshay and executive producer says this is a lavish film. There is happiness and tension. It is true that slow pace of shooting upset me but on screen when I saw it I am convinced. I play the role of Shiva that is in negative shade he says.

DTS Engineer Palani says this is a full pack cinema. Veena is a good performer. She has ability to stay strong.

Actor par excellence Srinivasamurthy worked for three days in this film and he is very much sure that female audience would dislike him. On the fans he would disappoint in that case the veteran actor said it is the job of an actor to do all kind of roles. Top actors like Dr Rajakumar has done negative shade roles he says.

The observation of Nagendra Urs that Kannada film actresses have to learn from Veena Mallik was not tasteful. He got the ire of media persons for his statement. Later he apologized for what he said.

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