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Posted date: 01 Thu, Aug 2013 � 09:10:01 PM

There is a lovely song of BR Lakshman Rao composed and sung by Mysore Ananthaswamy on a cigarette. Bidalaare Naa cigaretu Ninnanthe adhu Thetu….Bidaballe Naa Ninna china.. ninna haage cigaretu…..Cigaretu Kushi Kushi Koduva Hoge…haage ninna manohara nage….

This song is likely to be used for the film by successful director for his new Kannada film ‘Cigarette’. The title will be approved soon and the regional censor board has been informed on the ill effects in an entertainer ‘Cigarette’ Kannada cinema.

Lucky Shanker who made two consecutive socially relevant films and added strong dose of entertainment is on another such title and content. When ‘90’ title was announced there was lot of brickbats in the beginning. Orator like Krishne Gowda declined to act in the film only on the basis of the title. After the film was screened for regional censor board there was appreciation.

For the ‘Cigarette’ he is still doing research and Sadhu Kokila, Yash, Chetan plus three heroines will be part of this ‘Cigarette’.


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