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Life is more important life is generally accepted theory.  When there is no life where is the room for love. Telugu speaking director Sanjeev Megoti who made one film in the past  Aptha , Agora in Kannada,

Manasauldhi and Paurasham Telugu films says this  QUEUE also signifies many things. A DFT holder Sanjeev was dialogue writer for Badhuku television serial of Ravikiran.In his new film has picked another English letter title QUEUE – he has tucked many meaning in it. The important is that between love and death there is QUEUE – he also means queue.

Sanjeev Megoti is also producer of his film with London Ganesh. He has finished 70 percent of shooting so far. On Saturday at Ravikiran studio opposite Art of Living director Sanjeev Megoti explained that a group of software techies go to the forest. On the way they give place for a stranger who is a driver. It is a series of serious, sensitive, comic developments he promises.

NRI London Ganesh is basically Dr Raj fan. He was waiting for a good subject to invest money. He has appeared in a particular place in the film. Four songs are part of this film. The comedy track is looked after by Dhanraj and Radhakrishna. Sunil, Hari, Santosh Balaji and others are also in the cast.

For the English title to a Kannada cinema the team members apologized but inevitable they added.

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