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The Kannada activists have brought the Tamil remake rights for Kannada film `Case No 18/9` was the complaint on head.

Actually the real life happening in Bangalore Jayanagar 9th Block in August 12, 2002 – innocent Shruthi was poured acid by Rajesh. That is because she refused to love him at the age of 16 years. This has become the subject for Tamil film maker like how`Beladingala Baale` came as ‘Kadhal Kotai’ in Tamil that was made as `Yaare Neenu Cheluve`.

Keeping such late blooming aside the Kannada film makers, Kannada activists – Praveen Kumar Shetty, VK Mohan, Shivanand Shetty and Kanthi Shetty showed good gesture of Rs.1 lakh to acid victim of 2002 Shruthi on Thursday morning.

The producer of Kannada film `Case No 18/9` opined that victims like Shruthi should be given a job. Shruthi left eye vision is missing and not yet recovered from such attack. Shruti, an acid attack victim has approached the Karnataka High Court for help, saying that she has spent over Rs. 15 lakh on treatment and that she needs immediate financial assistance.

The Division Bench which heard her plea asked Additional Public Prosecutor P.M. Nawaz to ascertain whether Ms. Shruti`s attacker had any source of income or property from which she could be paid. Rajesh attacker with acid is serving life imprisonment.

Shruthi the victim was present stated that such incidents should not happen in social life and acid that is dangerous should be banned. She agreed with the idea of getting job from government for such victims.

Mahesh Rao father a girl child is deeply touched with such happenings.  Actress Shruthi who played the role of real life Shruthi felt happy for comments she received for her performance. I am regarded as actress not as a glam doll was her happiness.

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