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Who does not like ‘Samosa’. In the mouth watering food item director AR Babu has found a new meaning –Some Mosa’ – the money of others at usage is problematic. It would not be a right proposition he is telling the society from this ‘Samosa’ – a comedy thriller with Srujan Lokesh laughter master today and Shuba Punja actress loaded with beauty.

This ‘Samosa’ is hot on thrills and cool in comedy. Greed is the subject. When a human being behave hanky dory with money that is not belonging to him is the idea came up in the mind of director AR Babu who has given a few hits from Halo Yama to Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi Kannada films. He is known for humor and worked with Srujan Lokesh known for comedy punches and good timing plus heroine Shuba Punja the beauty with brain.

This is Universal Movie Makers film of producer Shivananda Madashetty. He is extremely happy with the shooting and post production done so far. After Police Story, Rana Kannada films Shivanand is in his third Kannada film.

Srujan giving a good restart from ‘Aane Pataki’ says we cannot survive well from our own money. In that case the money of others stays with us what happens – how the behavior changes for the contents. Srujan has got four offers after ‘Aaane Pataki’. Typical Kailasam is another variety film he says. Srujan has accepted another film for AR Babu. According to him Babu is an open minded director. He sets the actors free and take good things and incorporate.

Shuba Punja cajoled for good eater took the things lightly and stopped eating ‘Samosa’ given to her. I have a very lively role and very talkative in the film. Babu makes spot changes and that sounds good she stated.

Although three songs are part of the film and Abhiman Roy is music director the highlight at Kari Subbu Balaji Digital Studio was that the live RR was conducted by Stephen, Harsha and other team members. 15 persons are giving live instrument recording for the film. This is what heard so long ago.

According to Kari Subbu owner of Balaji Digital studio recently only Anoop Seelin did it for Eddelu Manjunatha and Directors Special.

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