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The power star PunIth Rajkumar is in command again at the box office in the coming days. That does not mean he has lost his ground but he had a gap of eight months in ‘Box Office’ as his films were not lined up.

Appearing in ‘Ninnindale’ he has three more projects in the queue and another project for family banner getting ready. The going will be one after the others. Giving success in reality show of ‘Kannadada Kotyadhipathi’ sequel the power star has proved his mettle and comforted the Suvarana satellite channel with high scores in the TRP.

On Monday morning the power star was speaking to a few journalists after the formal address of his new film ‘Ninnindale’.

Here are the excerpts of his chat –

·         The gap was unexpected. I acted in ‘Mythri’ as Puneeth in the film, Malayalam super star Mohan Lal has acted in this film. It is a special appearance.

·         I had seen Giriraj ‘Naviladavaru’ and on that basis I agreed to act. This ‘Ninnidale’ was supposed to go on floors in April.

·         Mythri will be a new experimental film and I see lot of good fortune for it.

·         Even for art films I am ready but it should be watched by masses is my opinion.

·         I am not worried about the results of the film I do. Working sincerely and putting hard work is my job. How long the film runs is not an issue today. How much the money it makes I don’t study it.  

·         My top preference is to the story and making of a film. I have to first get convinced.

·         I have ‘Dookudu’ remake, a film with director Soori who has given ‘Anna Bond’ and ‘Jackie’. Soori is a wonderful technician no doubt about it.

·         I do not touch the payment I receive for my singing in other banner films. I leave it to the trust of my father Dr Rajakumar in some cases I give it to the Kannada schools for improvement. I have a list of Kannada school that needs support. I would look at it one by one. Recently at Madeshwara Hills a school was donated the remuneration they gave for my singing. I just follow my father principles in this direction.

·         On thinning down Puneeth Rajakumar has a series of exercises. He does not control on food. Again his father statement comes to his mind. ‘Even if you get stone to your stomach you should digest it’. I cannot fall in to that category but do a lot of cycling, play badminton, work out regularly at gym to keep fit.

·         On the 2010-2011 state award coming to him for ‘Prithvi’ Kannada film and again going back with the controversy, court verdict and government withdrawing the awards Puneeth Rajakumar is not worried.

·         Puneeth Rajakumar has full appreciation for ‘Bag Mika Bagh’ of Farhan. After seeing that film I have taken up run and it was so inspiring.

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