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There has been enormous change in the outlook of Sunil Kumar Desai in his comeback film `Thandana Thandanana` and this is what noticed and told by versatile actors Ananthnag. Ramesh Bhat. Ramesh Aravind at the media address in a complete entertainer film that Desai has worked out sitting on the subject for 11 months.

Desai is precise and made bound script is the change over noticed by top actors and this `TT` is with 30 actors from 25 years of age to 86 years of age in actors performing in different roles.

Not raking his past tragedy Sunil Kumar Desai was cool in his address and assured the film will be full of laugh. It will be Sahaja, Sundara and Salara and like how I did Beladingala Baale there is `Hitha Mitha Nagu`. Bhasker is man behind camera and Hamsalekha is scoring only two songs. In the characters I am adding many issues that are present, past and future he says. Kavitha and Mythrie are female lead. I am working with actors whom I know since 30 years. Desai in a mood to speak finally concluded that this film is unusual and crosses the frame work of films. Desai talking in between the speakers said he had not told the story completely to anyone. I have told their roles as such. This time I have the hold and going will be quick and people would enjoy in coming Christmas release he assures. What is `Tandana Tandanana`  According to Desai a mind goes for a`Lahari` - it sings in happiness. Such `Laharis` are part of the film.

Ustaad of acting Ananthnag addressing on this occasion remembered the earlier days of work with Desai in films like Nishkarsha, Beladingala Baale and others. This Desai is different from earlier days. He never used to open up on his contents and keeping quiet. In this meet what I have noticed is that he is a good public relations officer too. I am always happy to work with Desai. He is genius. He is so immersed in cinema that he never bothers about earning a few penny for him. He actually puts in `Thanu, Mana Dhana`. He should do one film a year. The artists working in this film are all from theatre and I see a get together of theatre artists disclosed Ananthnag. Ananthnag also remembered someone from Germany watching`Beladingala Baale` for 25 times coming forward for a sequel. That is a past bench mark and it does not appeal in a sequel told the producers.

From the college days I was avid watcher of Desai films. He told me to do a role in `Nammura Mandhara Hoove` and surely you will not go to Tamil. That has happened in my life. That film was like visiting card for me. He has given all variety of films. This film `TT` concept I have not seen India so far.

Ramesh Bhat recalled the Beladingala Baale days of taking him in the afternoon for two shots and keeping him early in the morning. This time he is Nischita in his work; Khadak Desai I see and sure to see more magic from him he opined.

I always thought person like Desai should not go away from cinema industry, he is a creative director and his attempts have succeeded although films not doing well. He should have great days blessed Shivaramanna.

Chidambaram, Srinivas, Prakash are friends producing this film. Chidambaram is proprietor of Vinayaka Jewelry. After watching Beladingala Baale he thought of uniting all seniors under Desai. The result of it is this film.

Maithriye bowled over the handsomeness of Ananthnag was frank in her admissions. She plays a lively role and I would possess the experience of four films working in this film she feels. Kavitha Priya is debutant. She is happy and honored. Raja Babu is playing another comedy role.

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