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Super star Upendra party for the birthday at Gayathri Vihar Palace was as usual very good for its planning, preparation and hospitality.

It was like the Mumbai Hindi cinema party and Priyanka Upendra seems to be in charge of the extravaganza held. The Sagar Caterers mouth watering, calories increasing good food items was part of the super hit program of four hours for Upendra 45th birthday celebration.

At the start Ganesha Stuthi Upendra son and daughter hold the light to mark a beginning with Jai Ganesh song. It was splendid. When Upendra parents, Priyanka, children, brother family arrived it was round of applause. All the family members humbly invited the guests.

Niranjan and Team of event management gave a visual treat with a huge screen at the center. The surprise No.1 was Upendra mother in law –Priyanka mother Smt Sameera Trivedi dancing for a Bengali style song.

When the Chandini song came up it was Anushree in British blue saree thrilled and she made attempts to cover her navel that failed all the times. It was Dilip Raj who came with Upendra dialogues and the sound started.

Shivarajakumar pointing to his heart said Uppi is in his heart. V Ravichandran said lover should let free. Later when Shivanna came up on the stage it was proposal he made in Uppi style was very timely. Upendra also proposed for Shivanna and he gave a peck.

The reason behind this activity is that Upendra keeps on telling that he would have been a female he would have become ‘Savathi’ to Geetha Shivarajakumar. When Geetha Shivarajakumar was inquired on the two’s bindings, she said they have good adjustments.

Kiran Muzumdar, V RAvichandra, Jaggesh, Ramesh ARavind, Dr Jayamala, Dr Jayathi, Hema Chaudhary, Sadhu Kokila, Pooja Gandhi, Ragini, Roopini, Harshika Poonacha, Soundaraya Jayamala and scores of others took part in the bash.

Another memorable moment was Upendra honoring Kashinath his mentor. Naaneno Swalpa Kalisikotte, nanna Shishya Sikkapatte Kalthkonbitta….said Kashinath. Neen Kamana Baana Bidu, I will make films said Kashi Halva of yesteryears to Upendra when he insisted on making films.

When Priyamani was on stage she promised to tell the minus of Upendra after working with him. His smile, hair style and whirring eyes she lauded.

The duplicates of Dr Raj, Dr Vishnu and Shanker Nag performed for the song. Lunar Chappals and Suvarana satellite channels sponsored the evening.

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