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It was a cultural feast of course from Captain S Narayan and team at the Centenary Celebration of South Indian cinema from Kannada filmdom on 22nd September 2013.

As we told in the headline the oldies (Dr Leelavathi, Dr Bharathi, Dr Jayanthi, Shruthi) lighted up the moment from their presence for their yesteryear songs, the middles exception to Ramesh Aravind, Anu Prabhakar boycotted and youngsters struggled to make it successful.

The choreography, set designs was top class. For the Ganesha song all co dancers appearing with Vijaya Raghavendra in Ganesha idol on faces deserved applaud automatically. There were perfect moments for this song.

We give you the performances of all Kannada stars on this occasion at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor stadium:

·         Teredide Mane Baa Athithi….Anu Prabhakar and Mythrie with background of lights.

·         Sumalatha Ambarish visual address on Kalajagattina Habba Kutumbada Habba, Romanchana is nalku Baashe together. Meluku Hakuththa acharisona, anubhavisona.

·         For Ganesha song with Vijaya Raghavendra….Gananayakaya…..the Ganesha fitted co dancers.

·         For state anthem – Jayabharathiya Jananiya Thanujathe….Roopika and Anirudh performed with dancers.

·         The visual clip of Sridhar as Indra with voice over of Doddanna. Ambarish Bandillave ask Indra…of course Ambarish did not turn up with his other colleagues.

·         Arun Sagar team mime for Mooki cinema and then the team watching and screen showing visuals was well designed. Arun Sagar also came often on stage and depicted the growth of publicity for cinema.

·         Sri Murali came with set designs of elephants and a Shivalinga on stage. The song of Shivappa Kaayo Tande Hasiveyannu Taalalaare was performed.

·         Dr Leelavathi came for the song Mellusire Savigaana….it was a huge applaud and at this age Dr Leelavathi danced with good movements and histrionics.

·         Bhavya stolen the show for very nice costume for Kalpana song of Gaganavu Ello Bhumiyu Ello….

·         Next surprise was big indeed. Dr Jayanthi came for Viraha Nooru Nooru Taraha…that she performed in younger days for Yedakallu Guddada Mele…when the song stopped the voice over asking Jayanthi why Virahaa Tirillava…the dialogues of Jayanthi and Chinna Viraha Badalagalva….received applaud.

·         In the village belle with birds costume dancers actress Shruthi came for Arrarre Gili Rama Nanna pancharangi Raama….was good one and that was Kalpana in Gandhada Gudi.

·         Actress Thara Anuradha in blue and white costume gave another lightning moment for the song Baanallu Neene….. of Bayalu Daari film.

·         The sweet looking Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana for memorable song Baala Bangara neenu…was well performed as Bharathi Vishnuvardhana is a good bharathanatyam dancer.

·         It was Vinod Raj who rocked at this event for his debut film song Neene Namma Thaayi Tande…..

·         Amoolya came up for ‘Cheluvina Chittara’ song Ullasada Hoomale…..

·         Pankaj Narayan danced for Tuvvi Tuvvi Endu Hadutha….of Shivarajakumar debut film.

·         For Jhinke Marina Jinke Jinke… Yogi and Pragna took part in the song.

·         A choreographer performed for Hrudayasamudra Kalaki….of Kumar Bangarappa film ‘Ashwamedha’.

·         For unforgettable Prema Loka song Prema Lokadinda Banda Premada Poojari Sri Murali performed.

·         Neha Patil was seen for song Hrudayavu Bayaside Ninnane….song

·         It was drums dazzling movement from Dharma and Stephen with a modified guitar that could give the sound of five instruments was received well on this occasion. There was novelty and variety of instruments to the ears.

·         Ramesh Aravind and Roopika for the ‘Neenu Nakkare Haalu Sakkare’ song Baare Santege Hogona Baa….

·         Yakka Nin Magalu….from latest Victory Kannada film performed by Harshika and Kalai master.

·         Soundaraya Jayamala came for popular song Pyaar Ge Agbutaithe….

·         When Pankaj came with fire fitted guitar for Shanker Nag song Santoshakke Haadu….it was Bhargava at the opposite seat enjoyed more dancing from where he was sitting.

·         Rishika Singh was there for lively song Naa Boardu Irada Bassalli….with Mohan and Vijaya Raghavendra.

·         Baaji Katti Nodu Baara Meese Maava….performed by Anu Prabhakar and Naveen Krishna.

·         Halo 123 Mike Testing…song Sanjaana, Shravanth and Anoop Gowda took part.

·         Pragna danced for Ramya song Don’t  you know I am very sexy…..

·         For Mungaru Male song Onde Ondu Saari….Harshika Poonacha came in different costume.

·         Rajesh Krishna came up with the soft song Nooru Janmaku Nooraaru Janmaku…..

·         Srujan Lokesh was on stage for Jaggesh song Anthintha Gandu Naanalla….

·         Ramesh Aravind and Bhavana thrilled for the Garane Gara Garane….from Aptha Rakshaka.

·         Ragini in red and black costume with spread hair came for the old song Jataka Kudure Yeri Pyateg Hoguva…..

·         BK Sumithra rendered two half songs starting with  Nimbiya Banada Myalina….

·         Madarangi hero Krishna danced for Karunaade….song of V Ravichandran.

·         Srinagara Kitty was present for the song Andhavo Andhavu….of Dr Ambarish song

·         Kalladare Naa Belurina Gudiyali Iruve…..of Dr Vishnuvardhana song was performed by former MP Shashikumar.

·         The theme song of the event was Hachchevu Kannadada Deepa….at the end of the program it was Sadhu Kokila in white costume mesmerized with his voice and composition of the song. All the actors and technicians came up on the stage.

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