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‘Huchchukodi Manasu Yee Hadinarara Vayassu…goes the song of poet Dr HS Venkatesha Murthy. This ‘Shravani Subramanya’ is also similar to it. Either of the two – hero and heroine does not love the audience would land up in ‘Huchchu’ says the director Manju Swaraj who directed a thriller ‘Shishira’ in his debut. He has only one song left for completion of this one year project for producer KA Suresh known for systematic approach in film making.

What is the example of ‘Huchchu’….it cannot be revealed but the viewers would feel in ‘Madness’ to some extent when the madness of love in the cinema does not materialize. Apparently the innocence what director had seen in five years child just elaborated it to the teens and imagined whether it is the same innocence.

The protagonist Ganesh is in love for innocence. Without knowing to him, depends on the innocence and it goes to the height. What is that narration you have to watch in silver screen!

Manju Swaraj adopted the technique of seeing the work of his portions till final editing and then used to go for further shooting. This is time consuming he agrees. This is also helpful on the needs of the film he states.

Golden star Ganesh is happy for the workmanship of Manju Swaraj. He had shown me two hours and forty five minutes and chopped version of 15 minutes. Producer Suresh knows everything of this film and he can answer questions posed to all us complimented Ganesh. Crabby Island, Bankok shoot of songs were good and Melody King V Harikrishna lent very good tunes appreciated Ganesh.

There is special happiness when I do music for Ganesh. The melody is a must and that is my choice also said Harikrishna a very popular music director.

When Manju told a cute love story I took lot of time to convince Amoolya. It was Harikrishna who later suggested the heroine of Amoolya. Later she agreed to act informs producer Suresh.  All my colleagues are shifting responsibility on me and I thought of near perfectness in the work disclosed Suresh on his style.

Amoolya laughed a lot at the time of dubbing. The scenes have come out so well and songs are very melodious she declared.


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