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It is a horror film straight away from Ramana of ‘Lokave Helida Mathidu’. He is distributor starting up Hombale films (there is one Hombale Films that is producing Puneeth Rajakumar Ninnindale) and joint producer of this ‘Kamini’ – posters say it is low grade sex cinema but it is not like that from the talk at the media meet.

Ramana facing ordeals from his first film felt it is better to know the releasing of the film via distribution so that he comes a full circle in the cinema – production, distribution and exhibition.

Jayaprakash a villager from Halebeedu a friend of Ramana from Belur is investing and also acting in comedy role. This is 5D cinema with DI work from Guruprasad.

Five youths go for investigation to a dense forest and they get to live in old house of 250 years. The imaginations of each one is different. Whether there is really ‘Kaamini’ – audience would know in the climax says Ramana.

Shobina of ‘Sadhakaru’ and a few films is main lead actress. It is a modern role with interesting screenplay she says. Rajeev actor of Rajyotsava, Zindagi in his third film says it is different in his career. It is intelligent screenplay, water fight in this film is very absorbing he says.

After knowing about 5D camera in workshop and seminar Mahantesh introduced it for this film shooting.

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