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Super star Upendra was in fine mood on Deepavali festival ‘Naraka Chaturdashi Day’. He was cool to many of the questions and we give you in detail of a chat media had with him at Hotel Bangalore International.

·         How do you call Srinivasaraju film that has completed a shoot in Kumbakonam? It is as of now ‘Basavanna and Brahmana Alla’.

·         Controversy happened and then I came to know. Of course there is lot of fire in Srinivasaraju. He has many flourishing thoughts. I was when Basavanna was kept as title but the Gun kept next I did not know. When it was changed as Brahmana also similar thing happened.

·         My nature and in born character is doing capacity. Anything I would not see in straight way. I discuss on anything I see and do. I cannot see an invitation like how others see.

·         Even if I do regular movies it is not seen in such a way by others.

·         For the title of his and Srinivasaraju film I agree it is extended format of ‘Om’ but the title ‘Om 2’ should not be kept. It is not right to touch that title.

·         How I do work is physical effort for other banner films and for my home banner film that is starting in January end next year it is mental work.

·         What is development today? At the cost of others improvement, we are giving up our self. Finally we end up with shorts on easy chair. That is what seen in those days without modernization. They used to work and feel happy.

·         Awards Bandaddu gottilla, Hogiddu Gottilla, Maththe Bandiddu I don’t know. I think for the economically weak film maker who has done a good job should be given a film award. Some day awards for worst category may also come.

·         Yuge Yuge talk is there, I have Brahma, Super Ranga for release in coming two months. I am working for Srinivasaraju direction and after this my home banner ‘Uppi-2’ starts seriously.

·         Besides this Naganna has consulted me for a film. I have a few more. All films after my home banner film Uppi 2.

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