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The tall and lanky Yogish son of ‘Dhuniya’ producer T.P.Siddaraju scaling heights with the success of ‘Nanda Nanditha’ is traveling in ‘Ambari’ making perfect selection to remain a natural actor on Kannada screen. From a small role in ‘Dhuniya’ he has moved to ‘Nanda Nanditha’ as full time hero and that was a blockbuster in the box office. The film ‘Ambari’ completed 70 days screen in the prestigious theatre like Sagar on Kempe Gowda Road.

Yogish has a film in his name ‘Yogi’ that is all set to hit the screen in April. He has finished talkie of ‘Ravana, Preethse Preethse is at post production stage. Punda, Padde Huduga he is taking up and feels proud to do the roles of what Dhanush son in law of Tamil super star Rajanikanth had done.

Yogish says that his transformation is from a blade handling small role in ‘Dhuniya’ to cycle journey to Agra in ‘Ambari’.

Yogi spoke on the sets of his ‘Ravana’ a private shooting spot of a song sequence on Wednesday afternoon.

Where was the logic in traveling all the way from Bangalore to Agra with your lover Supritha in ‘Ambari’?
I also questioned the director on this logical aspect. Is it not possible from another fast moving vehicle I asked the director of Ambari. He said in cycle world tour is done. He was correct in his senses.

What kind of role you have in this ‘Ravana’?
It is not carbon copy of ‘Kadhal Kondein’. We have reduced the rawness of the original and polished the emotions according to our nativity. I play double standard role.

Weapon you use in ‘Ravana’?
Hand is my weapon. I started off with a blade in Dhuniya then had Machchu in Nanda Nandita, cycle chain in Ambari. This is the kind of role that dupes everyone. At the end from one dialogue I show how much I love the heroine. There is a good sacrifice for the love.

You are growing self reliant now?
I sit with my parents for discussion of story. I leave the monetary aspects to my parents. I don’t know how much I get.

Come on friend how come you don’t know your remuneration?
Really I don’t ask about it. I ask the producer only Rs.1000 per day as my conveyance.

What happens when you get married?
That has 10 years time. I am nineteen now. When my wife comes she will take up the matter what my parents are looking.

Do you have special songs made for ‘Ravana’?
Chakkuli Nippattu…is westernized and it would be a hit like the very melodious song Naanu Nimma Jothe Barabahudha….written by Jayanth Kaikini.

You are maintaining a steady gap it seems between two films?
50 days gap from one film to another film is my condition. I would sign only if this in the agreement.

How is your fan following?
I receive phone calls and talk to them. Recently in Muthatthi I was mobbed by 20 youths. They wanted me to dance with them and spend some time. I don’t get much of phone calls from female.

I believe you take training according to your roles?
I moved with 30 plus youths in slums for ‘Nanda Nanditha’ and for cobbler role in ‘Ambari’ I was cobbler for two months to get to know the deepness of the role. For ‘Preethse Preethse’ I don’t have problems because I have friends studying medicine, engineering and automobile diploma. I play a soft guy in the film.

You have already started working for guest role….
That is only for ‘Hrudaya I Miss you’ by force. The producer said Amitabha Bachchan agrees for guest role and why you can’t agree. Then I participated in a song sequence for the film.

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