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Posted date: 4/April/2009

A produce reaching the pinnacle at this own function is often not heard. The owner of ship and captain of the ship is superseded by artists fraternity as they are the ones who are seen screen.

But on the birthday of noted producer Shailendra Babu it was not that situation. The required share of importance came to producer Shailendra Babu as the day also happened to be his birthday.

The lavish producer making ‘Dubai Babu’ is now affectionately called as ‘Dubari Babu’. It is because his name is there in the title Shailendra Babu made this film very expensive the superstar Upendra felt happy. Uppi is in 17 get up in this film and a huge rectangle shaped gold frame photograph was presented to him on this occasion. He shaved his moustache by mistake and that gave him a new look and added to the value of the film ‘Dubari Babu’.

Producer Shailendra Babu outlined the shooting done in Mysore, Bangalore, Halebeedu, Mumbai and Dubai has come out well and Babu garu was happy with new variety of wigs Upendra bought from Hollywood.

The adjacent Andhra Pradesh audio company Aditya Music Umesh Gupta has taken the marketing of ‘Dubai Babu’ for the first time and he is in the industry for last 20 years. He hopes ‘Dubai Babu’ will be a big musical hit. Music director V Sridhar shot in to fame from ‘Mussanje Mathu’ thanked the team for such a good offer. The songs would enthrall all hopes Sridhar.

Uppi’s wife Priyanka releasing the audio album said she had seen some of the clips of the film and comedy is very fine she says. Shailendra Babu’s next film ‘Iniya’ hero Balaji and heroine Pooja Gandhi released the cassette of the film. Balaji agreed that Shailendra Babu is lavish producer. For a song in ‘Iniya’ he said spend more and not to curtail for anything Balaji recalled. Pooja Gandhi looking pretty the successful actress said she is a fan of Upendra.

Naganna and Upendra welcomed the new audio house that is coming to Karnataka to sell the audio. Today the importance is more need for marketing of the film rather than making of the film said director Naganna.

Abdulla Abdulla Cindrella Cindrella…Bachiko Bachiko….Peepi Peepi dum dum Naane Ninna Ganda….three songs that really had the fashionable Upendra on screen was screened.

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