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Posted date: 7/April/2009

Every one related to the new launch ‘Porkhi’ Kannada film is of the opinion that the success of the film is guarantee. Dialogue writer BA Madhu considers ‘Porkhi’ to a beautiful looking girl. Like how the girl looking beautiful is admired the film of ‘Porkhi’ has such advantages. When it is completely made we ought to see the good product said Madhu. We make necessary changes in the dialogue and scenes will be deleted that are not in tune with Kannada culture he said. Although the role is rugged there is not even a single unhealthy dialogue. All the family members can easily watch this film said Madhu.

Darshan the challenging star is of the firm opinion that ‘Porkhi’ a remake of ‘Pokiri’ will be an antique piece to Kannada. It has come in Telugu and Tamil and coming in Hindi. Obviously comparison takes place. We give different look and location. The heroine will be selected before 23. 80 percent will be shot in Bangalore and rest in Hyderabad. I am extremely confident said Darshan. We have limitation in the market to spend more opined Darshan. However he promised that ‘Porkhi’ will be a good cinema.

Producer Datta said he made a survey in 16 districts for ‘Pokiri’ in Kannada. Finally it landed in Darshan and this is the actor I also had in mind said Datta. Financier and distributor by profession Datta was distributor of ‘Pokiri’ Telugu in Guntur region. I wanted to do a good film from a long time and that is becoming possible from ‘Porkhi’ said Datta.

Director of ‘Porkhi’ Sridhar had the ambition for quite some time to take up Darshan starring film. When the discussion went on I said it will be a big budget cinema but this is what producer wanted in grand style.

‘We have come here to win and we will win definitely said the confident looking Ganesh Kasargod who present the film on the screen with able support. I saw Darshan driving a second hand Tata Sumo after his powerful performance film ‘Namma Preethiya Ramu’. From that day he has grown pretty fast and in great style. I had written plus and minus in the cinema industry in my columns. Negative turned positive but here in this film I am in positive bent of mind. Harikrishna has already scored two foot tapping songs said GK the affectionate colleague.

Krishnakumar alias KK knows his limits what to apply for this kind of film in the camera. We are giving a better film he hoped.

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