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From super hit ‘Taj Mahal’ to ‘Prem Kahani’ director Chandru has taken a big leap in the technical front and also in the concept of the film.

He has spoke to in an exclusive chat. We bring you the highlights of a chat:

You have completed the shoot what are the highlights of this film ‘Prem Kahani’?
This is shot in 70 days in Super 35 camera and I am now moving to DI for Pixiona Studio in Mumbai. This is where Jodha Akbar and Devadas Hindi films technical upgrade was made. This is special for me because I would get bighest standards.

Where did you conduct the shooting in 70 days?
For songs I went to Madikeri and entire talkie portion was shot in the localities of Rajajinagara. My script demanded such a locality and I had the natural locales. The houses, slums and roads of Rajajinagar in this film you would not believe it has come out so well. For one of the songs we have put a set that cost Rs.25 lakhs.

You are changing the love concept in the film?
This film is what is beyond love. Reality is given prominence.

The songs are Pukka now?
There are nine songs and one is a bit variety of lyricists have contributed to the film. Ilayaraja sir has composed the songs and every song is superb.

Do you have the business done already for ‘Prem Kahani’?
Three times the investment the industry is asking for my film.

To whom the film ‘Prem Kahani’ caters to?
To the family in general! Each one in the family loves it. After they see the film a lot of people change in their attitudes. Rangayana Raghu has got a different kind of role and he is totally different. Rangayana Raghu was selected when Prakash Rai dates were not available. Ajay has done an excellent work and Sheela of ‘Paragu’ Telugu in Kannada plus Mico Nagaraj, Rajesh and Mohan are in the different roles.

How is the narration of ‘Prem Kahani’?
It is a straight narration no confusion and audience would like it.

What happened to the title of ‘Prem Kahani’?
I am hopeful of the title because I have kept it in national language, on the muhurut day KFCC President Dr.Jayamala wished for the film. I have not kept any vulgar title nor mixed Hindi. According to me the KFCC would not pass any orders that destroy the interest of the producer. We have already spent Rs.4.5 crores and it is not possible to change the title now.

What is the position of the film?
It is at Adarsha dubbing and in 12 days it will complete it. Then trimming and for DI we take one month plus DTS effect and recording.

When you are planning to release the film?
In May end or first week of June 2009 we have plans to release ‘Prem Kahani’.

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