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Posted date: 15/April/2009

It just for the sake of Girish Kasaravalli and his wife Vaishali Kasaravalli I have ventured in to television production. ‘I am only ‘Dhara’ (thread) of this ‘Muthina Thorana’ Dharavahi’ – the pearls are string together by Smt.Vaishali madam says Basanthkumar Patil. In to hotel business, construction, gold business, construction of Shiv Temple in Bagalkot, Mall in Hubli, film production, television production and ‘Tridasoha’ (shelter, education and food) system to house 5000 children on 50 acres land at Bijapur this humble personality Basanthkumar Patil follows the Sri Siddaganga Swamiji in his new venture. In Siddaganga of Tumkur district 13000 children are housed and I want at least 5000 children to get shelter, education and food says Patil.

Perhaps Basanthkumar Patil and his brothers are the first one to weight their mother in gold is forging ahead with business proposals but scared of recession. He is a worried man because Obama the US President that it would continue for four more years and he cannot help in such a period. Patil who attended the business meeting where in selected 100 entrepreneurs had come in Bangalore feels the best policies envisaged by Dr.Manamohan Singh should continue. The extreme tax structure is the worrying factor now he feels perturbed.

Basanthkumar Patil is now pinning hopes on a children film in the direction of Girish Kasaravalli but Girish had told him let us to do a regular film after his commitments.

With the intention of getting good story for children film Basanthkumar Patil invited the children stories but the response was poor. The panel he handed it over straight away discarded many of the stories and said it is not fit enough to bring as ‘Katha Sankalana’. Then Patil decided to honor 10 children stories because he was committed on his announcement.

Basanthkumar Patil was speaking to this journalist exclusively at the get together party of ‘Muththina Thorana’ completing 250 episodes at Basanth Residency. I am shooting one episode a day and profit margin is very thin he says

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