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Posted date: 17/April/2009

Dr.SPB felt that he had done the ‘Adhikaprasangathana’ (meddler, impertinent fellow) twice at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on Thursday evening at the indiatales five CD’s release of Rajan Nagendra film songs.

But in reality he was right and it is not ‘Adhikaprasangathana’! When the children were easily walking down all places when the musical program was on Dr.SPB stood up in the middle to say ‘This is not railway station. Do not leave your children, singing is Yoga, Pooje, Dhyaana….so please do not spoil the mood and you don’t often get chance to hear such beautiful Kannada film songs he said.

The second time Dr.SPB spoke was on the stage and it was very touching moment for himself because he was to sing the last song of the evening Pavadisu Paramamthama Sri Venkatesha….from the film ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ scored by Rajan and Nagendra. This particular song SPB would like to sing any number of times because it is very sentimental song and even his wife (present at the function) told him why you take up such difficult emotional song. Dr SPB loves that song so much in life.

Before he began to sing the song Pavadisu…..he said he always want to sing with musicians on stage. I am afraid to be alone on stage and I cannot sing for track so easily he said. Complimenting the Rajan-Nagendra for giving wonderful songs to him he said on many occasions he demanded such songs should be in Telugu and it continued vice versa for a long time. Music directors, musicians, directors are the masters behind us. Rajan Nagendra used to quarrel for better songs. They used to adjust the compositions according to the timber of voice and fluctuation capacity. They never used to sing in Ooty Aircondition room. Those were the day the picture of it comes in my mind says Dr SPB. Not only Rajan and Nagendra were capable but the ‘Vinayathe’ is fantastic. Nothing bad I heard about them and they have given me extraordinary songs.

Dr.SPB made a request to indiatales to continue the tradition they have set in but they should record songs with live musicians he felt. I have not sung for the audio release day so far in my 42 years of career and I am today breaking my norm only because Rajanji requested said Dr.SPB.

Dr.SPB was also in emotional moment when he said I miss you all. I have been singing for films very rarely he said and it was almost looked like good bye speech from him.

For the song Pavadisu Paramamthma Sri Venkatesha….he added one line ‘Sangeetha Arithavanalla……


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