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Posted date: 9/May/2009

For a long time the theatre timing was 10.30, 2.30, 6.30 and 9.30 for Kannada films. When HT Sangliana took over as Special Commissioner of Bangalore he introduced the change in the timing one and half decades ago that was 10.30, 1.30, 4.30 and 7.30. This is to make Bangalore a crime free city. The non Kannada film screening theatres did not care but Kannada film showing theatres adopted this change ordered.

On Friday, 8th May 2009 the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Dr.Jayamala obtaining the permission from DC Mr Naik of Bangalore announced the old timing of showing films. The film showing with effect from 15th May 2009 - 11.30, 2.30, 6.15 and 9 pm! The cinematography Act also indicates that the screenings should start at 10 after in the morning and night. We are trying to bring in state wide uniformity. As of now in 27 theatres in Bangalore this new timing would apply. The Producer Jayamala, KCN Chandrasekhar, SV Rajendra Singh Babu, SA.Ra.Govindu and Vijayakumar were present on Friday briefing of the media at KFCC office.

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