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Posted date: 12/May/2009

Amavasye and Rahukala are not considered as bad omen in the film industry according to noted producer K.Manju. He was reacting to the reported news on the change in timing of screening in Karnataka from 15th of May.

The astonishing fact is that the film first show on Friday will be screened at 11.15 am. This is just 45 minutes after the ‘Rahu Kala’ – on Fridays the Rahu Kala is from 10.30 to 12 noon.

The majority does not start at Rahu Kala according to Hindu religion. We have seen from the last one and half decades when the theatre screening of film timing changed to 10.30 in the morning. Many of the producers approved for 10.25 am start of the film because from 10.30 to 12 noon is a bad omen that is Rahu Kala.

K.Manju argues that before the current timing the collections were fantastic for Kannada films even though the film screening took off at 11.30 am. The women folks sending their spouses to the offices and children to the schools were making morning show as favorite one for them. The youths used to throng at 2.30 shows and the government and garment industry people were choosing the 6.30 pm show and rest of the people leisurely watching the 9.30 pm shows says K.Manju.

As a matter of fact the ‘Rahu Kala’ issue of screening of new films on Friday was discussed in the Kannada film Producers Association. The majority of producers agreed to this timing say K.Manju. What K.Manju and others follow is that the first day of start of the film ‘Amavasye and Rahu Kala’ are taken in to account. When the film is premiered and sent to censor the ‘Rahu Kala’ is kept in mind. When it comes before the audience ‘Anna Dhataru’ there is no need to keep in mind ‘Rahu Kala’ says K.Manju.

Cinemakke Baro Audience ‘Rahu Kala’ antha morning show barde idre? That has not happened in the past. 15 years ago the same what is announced now was the timing says K.Manju.

This is called ‘Avakasha Sindhu’!

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