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Posted date: 14/May/2009

Without the presence of lovely star Premkumar the film ‘Jothegara’ publicity can go ahead and we don’t worry much about it. Producer Ashwini Ramprasad was reacting to a question from the media on the reported misunderstanding between the two.

At one point of time I asked Premkumar to get Rs.40 lakhs to shoot the introduction song for him with Yana Gupta. I told him that it will be returned after business is made for the film blown up Ramprasad in anger. It appeared he was expressing anger against the media but media was just putting the things before him on the raging controversy.

Later adjusting his temper Ramprasad made it clear that it is the producer and director who are in the better position to judge whether that particular song is required or not. We thought at the re-recording stage that the song of introduction to be shot on Premkumar is not required as it is away to the family audience mood. There was double meaning in that song written by Kaviraj When I have taken lovely star Premkumar with his continuous three flops he should realize the difficult of the producer. I heard he has committed similar problems to the producer of his earlier film ‘Gunavantha’.

‘Naanu Thale Kedasikondilla’ from what Premkumar has said but certainly I told in the section of the media that the story of the film is the hero. Although Ramya is the main lead the film runs on her throughout she takes the cake of the film I told and not told that he is a supporting actor.

For me my project is important. Premkumar should realize that I have not made anything less for the production. I had not thought of making this film on the basis of hero marketability. I have used 435 cameras and DI has been for the film. The film is with two hours and 10 minutes and that is OK now. If the content is good the audience would come and see other wise they do not come for the afternoon show.

I have spoken to Prem several times that I am not doing that introduction song and he is keeping on asking about that song. What is wrong with him? Can he not understand the position of the producer? He is creating Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Finally on his absence from promotion of the film Ramprasad concluded that it is OK if he does not. However this Prem name does not jell with you ‘allava Ramprasad observed Editor R.Manohar and everyone including Ramprasad burst out in laughter.

The other Prem referred was director cum actor Prem of ‘Bhoomi Mele Preethi Ellidhe’. That film according to producer Ashwini Ramprasad had burnt his fingers to the extent of Rs.3 crores.

You would want Premkumar call sheet once again after all this? Then I will make the introduction song of Premkumar and Yana Gupta said Ramprasad.

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