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Posted date: 14/May/2009

‘I thank the former DGP Dinakaran for taking stern action on me when I was in service and acting in films’ better late than never BC Patil made ‘Salute’ to his ex boss because of his decision I was able to become two times MLA. A ‘Salute’ 5th press meet at Karisubbu Studio after showing the songs was held on sunny afternoon on Wednesday.

The people who calculate in square foot that means the land and building owners the situation has come to a horrible state of affairs said BC Patil looking at the expenditure done to his film. it is five times more what I thought in the beginning said Patil complaining to his wife producer that she had not given remuneration for my role and direction.

There has been some tough dialogues in the film that is related to the present day democracy – for the mistake of two persons crores of expenditure incurred for another by election, education class not voting and only 60 percent voting since first elections, the buying of uneducated votes, horse trading all come one by one in the narration said Patil.

I have not just speedily consumed the raw stock. There is sufficient stuff in the shooting done in Bangalore, Belgaum and other places. I had to wait for 25 days for the election; there was good support from Prabhakar Kore of KLE College in Belgaum Patil remembered.

On the theatre timings Patil reacting said if police cannot protect citizens more police force has to be deployed. There should not be any restriction is what he meant in his reaction. Look at Los Vegas city it was 50 years ago nothing. Today it has grown heaps and bounds said Patil.

‘Salute’ Patil is bringing before the audience in the second week of June this year.

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