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Posted date: 19/May/2009

It was remembrance of the song Hari Namave Chanda…..and looked Venkatesha Vaibhava! On Sunday evening the liquor baron Hari Khodey honored his friend B.M.Venkatesh for turning 75 and B.M.Venkatesh in turn honored his long time richest friend Hari Khodey for turning 70 with a diamond bracelet.

Hari Khodey read out a poem on the life and remembered the cycle peddling days the quarrel BM Venkatesh had in a very jovial and impromptu speech while B.M.Venkatesh did not fall behind in going down memory lane.

‘Nanna Janma Mukthya Agthidhe’ in fact I was to die 20 years ago but my wife did lot of ‘Pooje and Punaskara’ to see me alive. The climax of life is ‘Muppu’. That is a difficult stage. Ready to give up body but mind does not allow. I still has the ambition to do a cinema at this age of 75 years I went to Bhargava once. He said why do you want to eat ‘Chitranna’ go away live in your palace orchard house – Venkatesh remembered.

Hari Khodey a very good orator and writer rewind his memory to the school days and his connection with BM Venkatesh. Those days I was coming to a very short distance school by cycle. To look after the cycle there was a peon outside the school. That was the rich status I enjoyed. BM Venaktesh my class mate wanted to take a ride in the cycle and I did not allow him to touch it. When the recitation of Thayi Sharade….poem came up in school Venkatesh was fast in learning and I was not able to get that tongue twisting admitted Hari Khodey. I learnt it from Venkatesh and he invited me to his place one day. In those days Venkatesh had the communist thought. He sat on a ‘ghori’ in Srirampuram and said to me this is his house. I was baffled with his nature and understanding of life. Later we missed our friendship for long. He had applied for a site opposite to our factory. I did not know it is government land otherwise I would have gobbled it Hari Khodey the 70th year man still young in his thoughts disclosed. BM Venkatesh via Devaraj Urs the former CM and got it.

Shakthi Channa Sirithana Channa adhre Hattaru Jana Bekanthe Baluvudhu Channavo Channa….Hari Khodey referred to his friend read out another poem and said Ondagi Bali and Ondagi Hogi Hosa Janmadalli Huttona…..The advancement of science and technology is big today. I wish my friend not 100 years but making use technology and science let him live for 250 years hoped Hari Khodey.

Both BM Venkatesh and Hari Khodey are Kannada industry savvy. The attendance of veterans like Siddalingaiah, Protima Devi, Leelavathi, S.A.Chinne Gowda, S.A.Govindaraj, Smt.Lakshmi daughter of Dr.Rajakumar, Chandulal Jain, S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu, Muddukrishna, Bhargava, Rajendra Krishna (pet of BMV) Dwarakish, Srinath couple, Rajesh, Gangappa, Shivaramanna, Ramakrishna, Vinodraj, Tennis Krishna added extra dimension to the felicitation party.

BM Venkatesh life sketch video presentation was arranged a huge screen on this occasion. This one BM Venkatesh himself prepared sitting for 16 hours collecting all his films and function videos and photographs. BM Venkatesh has acted in Veera Sankalpa, Chakrateertha, Jaganmohini, Rajasekhara, Jwalamohini, Post Master, Madhve Madhve, Mamatheya Bandana, Miss Bangalore, Malige Sampige, Onde Balliya Hoogalu, Addadhari, Gandugali Rama, Kannika Parameshwari as hero. He also acted in supporting roles of Kannada films Mayoora, Boothayyana Maga Ayyu, Veerappan, Mayor Muthanna, Vijayakhadga, Ganda Mane Makkalu, Gandhada Gudu Part II.

BM Venkatesh in his home banner Maharaja Movies and Mamatha Movies produced films like Nyayave Devaru, Ganeshana Mahime, Thappidha Thala, Thabbaliyu Neenadhe Magane, Gandugali Rama, Mallige Sampige, Mahapurusha, Mamatheya Bandhana.

He has served the Kannada cinema and theater for last 48 years. He was former President of producers association and former President of KFCC.

Hari Khodey function means how can the liquor miss? That was abundant to the hundreds of people who gathered.

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