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Posted date: 15/June/2009

Just a few days after publishing the ‘Doctor of Appearance for obesity Disappearance’ story in there is a quick reaction from one of the patients who reduced 20 kilograms of weight and 12 centimeters of chest. 104 to 84 I feel like jumping in joy says the lady patient whom we contacted.

The patient who recouped from procedure conducted by Dr.Arvind Desai is a lecturer in a government college teaching management subject. She feels proud for managing to get back her slimness in life. Immensely thanking Dr.Arvind Desai the lady lecturer (her name is kept as secret) says she developed fatness in her when she came to high school days. In the classes she was moving around to teach the lessons without stationed at point.

A vegetarian from childhood this lecturer looking slim and trim now says the removal of fat cells from the body is what benefits in this case compared to other forms of reducing weight. There is a directly proportionate reduction in the weight and the charm is lost in the other cases. But it is only in Liposuction cosmetic surgery the charm is in tact.

Very tall and fair complexioned lady spoke to this correspondent on the penultimate day of her leaving the Desai Hospital on last Wednesday evening. In fact she chose the vacation holiday for the weight reduction purpose and everything is going cool after the procedure she says. It was a seven hours procedure she remembered in a chat.

The first and foremost requirement for this kind of procedure is the confidence. Dr.Arvind Desai explained every step of the operation and the plucking of excess fat is done in only the areas needed. This lady lecturer of a government college has thyroid problem and was taking the allopathic medicine for it.

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