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The brilliant lady Roopa Iyer has proved that she is not just a good orator on various divine topics and humanitarian but also a delectable director from her debut film ‘Mukhaputa’ (Cover Page in English – this will be dubbed in nine international languages). There is a deep concern, the questions it makes, consolation and grant of support to the most dreaded disease HIV AIDS affected children from the flamboyant style of Roopa Iyer in ‘Mukhaputa’.

In the climax song ‘Nanna Usirige Ondhu Muthu Kodu Amma….in all standards high when compared the ‘Taare Zamin Par’ song Mein Kabhi Badalatha Nahin andhere se dar lagtha Hein Maa Meri Maa…

The premier of the film ‘Mukhaputa’ that the world audience should take a look at it was held in Bangalore at Arjun Arts Studio in Malleswaram on Monday evening.

The observations of discerning producer Prof Narayana Hosmane, former President of HIV AIDS foundation Dr.Satish, veteran director D.Rajendra Babu his wife top actress Sumithra, efficient writer of poems for Kannada filmdom who made a great deviation possible Jayanth Kaikini off beat films winner P Seshadri and cameraman of the film Ramachandra Aithal was even stronger, worthwhile and rightful.

Prof Narayan Hosmane explaining his no money situation giving acceptance to the film concept narrated by Roopa Iyer in Chicago said he has made the right choice today. He is content with the making. The encouragement is from my side and success belongs to Roopa Iyer said the learned professor Hosmane who is said to be one of the top five scientists of the world in the cancer research division.

We had similarity in thoughts. For various diseases the sugar coated bitter pills is given so that it works out for the disease. Like this we wanted a coating like entertainment to tell a very serious draconic disease called HIV AIDS. The result of it is ‘Mukhaputa’. Prof Hosmane explaining all about the making and discussions he had with Roopa Iyer said he was in tears when he saw the song Nanna Usirige ondhu Muthu Kodu…song appeared.

Well known doctor from last two decades for AIDS treating nearly 15000 patients Dr.Satish says his dream come true via Roopa Iyer’s ‘Mukhaputa’. Noted writer Jayanthi Kaikini consider the script of this film is a model to everyone. The cinematic style is very good. Cameraman Ramachandra who worked with P Lankesh and his daughter Kavitha now take Roopa Iyer very young director to the seat of popularity. When there is honesty and human values added to it the work is also smooth feels Kaikini who is of the strong opinion that the film has soothing and therapeutic touch in it.

Top director preferred to called Roopa as ‘Aparoopa’ and felt sorry for not bringing his son to this film. The issue of what is ‘Laingika Samparka’ discussed with a child I felt apprehensive but later I thought it is right to put before everything honestly she said.

Very senior director of 50 plus films felt how come such an idea did not come to him. This does not test the patience and put your brain with questions. I think I should think a film like this one informed D.Rajendra Babu. The star director wife Sumithra disclosed that for the terrific hard work of Roopa Iyer there has been good result today. I feel happy for acting in this film. World wide this film should be watched says the veteran actress.

Stalwart in the camera work Ramachandra Ithal said this not one among other films for him. Very multifaceted Roopa Iyer knows about his topic more than what the experts know. She is constructive when shows her ‘Hata’. She is a committed lady and it was a challenge to work with her said S.Ramachandra.

Roopa Iyer the cynosure of everyone at the premier disclosed everyone in her ‘Each one Reach One’ slogan ‘Mukhaputa’ that it is a part of her life. On the discussed point ‘Laigika Samparka’ asked by the child Roopa said a similar instance she has faced in her real life.

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