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It seems so. The prestigious audio house of Bangalore Anand Audio is showing the way out for piracy operators via locking system for audio CD’s. From the Kannada film ‘Bhagyadha Balegara’ starring Shivarajakumar and Navya Nair the audio rights holder of this music maestro Ialayaraja scorings new technique come in to effect.

In one month span Anand Audio has achieved two breakthroughs. One is the locking system of audio CD to curb the piracy in the market and secondly the introduction of latest technologies of 5.1 surround sound DVD Audio that is for the first time in the Indian audio market.

The new system developed by technologist Mr Sangeeth Menon of Calicut has given some relief for Anand Audio that is for the first time introduced this break for piracy operators. This system cost Rs.10000 for nearly 60 to 70 thousand copies of audio CD’s preparation.

The Glass Master Locking for audio CD’s are done in Calicut. Mr Sangeeth Menon applies the glass master locking and later the multiples of CD’s would have the similar locking system. Such CD’s put in the computer ask for installation that is tucked inside the CD. Then only it plays in your system. For each audio CD an additional expenditure of just Rs.3 is a minuscule burden for the buyers. From one system to another system the audio is transferred the quality would definitely less says Mohan of Anand Audio.

Anand Audio Mohan Chabria did not believe this technology at the first instance. When Sangeeth Menon mentioned this he asked for the samples of his work and asked him to meet him after a week. Sangeeth Menon contacted Mohan after one week and by this time Mohan went to nearly 40 shops in and around his locality in SP Road and asked them to copy the songs from sample CD what he had from Sangeeth Menon. In all the cases the copying was not possible says gleeful looking Mohan.

That was the beginning to introduce the locking system of audio CD songs. The first audio CD of Kannada film ‘Bhagyadha Balegara’ has this locking system of songs and the credit for it goes to Anand Audio for introducing it for the first time in South India. Earlier Sony Company tried this but there was difficult in managing for them.

Attempts should go on to tackle the piracy says Mohan of Anand Audio. For the first time in India Anand Audio has also come out with 5.1 technology audio DVD – the one that is in the market contain songs of films Mungaru Male, Milana, Hudugaata, Bindaas, Aa Dinagalu, Sathyavan Savithri and Accident.

Anand Audio also holds the credit for introducing the international standard 5.1 DVD of Kannada film ‘Aa Dinagalu’ in the last year.

The pretty good work to tackle the piracy has already been noticed by the piracy goons. One of the pirated audio CD that is with Anand Audio on the inlay card mention the ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ songs too but it is not found when that pirated CD was pressed inside the system to hear. Another crazy person made a telephone call to Anand Audio office and yelled at the quality. Mohan Chabbria challenged him to discussion and sent e-mails continuously for five days to come to his office on his remarks. The person who threw the challenge did not turn up.

Jai Ho for Anand Audio….kill piracy a big relief to audio industry!

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