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Posted date: 18/June/2009

The maiden venture of another elder brother producing film for his younger brother – in this case Chickka Gutyappa is the elder brother and Chandrakanth is the younger brother (in the last year we had ‘Saacha’ Kannada film) making a film ‘Nirudyogi’. A farmer by profession Chikka Gutyappa has invested nearly one crore plus for the film of his sibling and feels happy for the contents and beautiful five songs.

From the muhurth last July the film has taken nine months in the direction of Nag Hunsod to settle with first copy of the film. Nag Hunsod in the past made the film ‘Guna’ and he is giving a good message in his new film ‘Nirudyogi’. No force should disturb the youths! To strengthen the newcomer film Nag Hunsod invited Rajendra Karanth after watching his ‘Accident’ film the role of Health Minister and in the cast added national award winning actress Thara, Joe Simon, Hanumanthe Gowda and given chance to Pushpa to play the lead role.

A village youth in the city is caught between politics and rowdy trouble. He is saved from ditch by the heroine and from darkness to light he makes his own way. The film points to politicians and rowdies not to mediate in the life of young and innocent youths.

Actor Chandrakanth is a well built youngster with proper training in acting, action and dance. He had training with Uemsh Naik institute situated in Wilson Garden but dubbing his voice was the only problem for him. When he put before his interest to his big brother he took time to give a nod. A student of SJRC College in Anand Rao Circle Chadnrakanth is intended to wear a black coat in his life. For only one scene he asked for dupe and Chandrakanth even injured his head while shooting the action scenes.

The advice and admissions came from very good stage actor and cinema actor Rajendra Karanth who shot in to fame from ‘Accident’ Kannada film. Firstly he was suspicious and only when he was called five times he agreed with some conditions. I would do corrections to my role he said and according made changes to his 40 minutes presence role. The long stay is in fact made Rajendra Karanth to be very selective. There was very free shooting but as for as the hero is concerned he should have made preparations earlier and then come to the sets he advised. Producer Chikka Gutyappa has honestly provided the needs of this film and I have appeared for 10 days shoot said Karanth.

Susheel Mokashi has in fact appeared as villain for his Shisya film. I was offered a villain role that is new. I did one film ‘Kanasu’ in the past but doing a villain role was quite good for me he said. Every small scene and dialogue has impact in this film said Mokashi. He has two fights and being a director too in my life of film and television serials I was OK with the ability with director Nag Hunsod said Mokashi. Chandrakanth in his debut knows his limits well and performed convincingly appreciated Mokashi.

‘Nirudyogi’ is all set for release in the first week of July 2009.

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