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Posted date: 8/October/2008

Even though it was a posh looking at Atria Hotel debutant director Sumana Kitturu’s ‘Slum Bala’ audio release was done in a very simple style as the best female colleagues in the film media ‘Smt.Thunga Renuka, Smt.Saraswathi Jahagirdhar and Smt.K.H.Savitri’ came up on the stage to release the audio and received thunderous applaud. As the audio was released the editor, writer and producer Agni Sridhar, Indhudhar Honnapur, Dr.Siddalingaiah, producer Kanakapura Srinivas, former President of KFCC HD Gangaraj, actor Vijay and Shuba Poonj looked on for the whirring cameras.

There are two songs in the audio album with some commentary from the film ‘Slum Bala’. After speaking to the crowded gathering Agni Sridhar complimented with the working style of Sumana Kittur and advised the Kannada film producers to make more responsible films instead of losing money. When the effort is same for making the movie why the films should face the crashing defeat is the question of Agni Sridhar to film fraternity. The film ‘Slum Bala’ is not the usual film of actor Vijay. There is no somersault or height of action. The film is based on two characters Bala and Ajju disclosed Agni Sridhar the provider of story for this film via his ‘Dadagiriya Dinagalu’.

Agni Sridhar would like to take up direction provided the call sheet of Malayalam movie star Mohan Lal is extended within one year. Sridhar also has a pure love story and a lawyer based script for his forthcoming films.

Indhudhar Honnapur a writer friend of Agni Sridhar could not move out from watching the film ‘Slum Bala’ because of the natural contents. From how the underworld is formed and who are directly responsible for it is explained. In Kannada language too this type of film is possible to do is the pride of Indhudhar Honnapur.

I had predicted Aa Dinagalu would run for 150 days and predict it now Slum Bala would run for 25 weeks. The god has sent people like Agni Sridhar late to Kannada cinema industry and ‘Naanu Dhanyavadha Bilthini’ said Kanakapura Srinivas.

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