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Posted date: 26/October/2008

Producer, financier, distributor story, screenplay writer, music director and director all rolled in to one Goverdhan is coming back to Kannada film from ‘Rasagulla’ a different kind of thriller with melodious songs and gripping narration the film contains would be liked by all he says.

The title ‘Rasagulla’ is a common factor in the four accidental deaths. The film ‘Rasagulla’ opens up with a scientist (played by Hindi actor Kulbushan Kharbanda) applying the discovery of his tablets on the hero in excess. That is very significant. ‘Nector’ (Amrutha) that keeps the god and goddesses alive for ever has strike the director Goverdhan in stitching the story for ‘Rasagulla’. He gives the example of tortoise living for 380 years. Why not human beings live for 100 to 150 years is the question in the mind of Goverdhan. So he brings in a scientist in his film who discover a tablet for long life.

This is explained in a commercial pattern with lovely songs says Goverdhan. He thanks Karthik Raghunath who directed ‘Mahalakshmi’ Kannada film that gave best music director award for him in 2001. Karhik Raghunath is directing me and I am directing the film ‘Rasagulla’ admitted Goverdhan in his address at Abhiman studio on last Saturday afternoon.

Pyush a stage actor look like a typical Bollywood actor believes that knowing language is not important but Kulbushan Kharbanda feels it is not ideal to act without knowing the language.

Tripti is Arya in this film. A Gujarathi had acted in My Friend Ganesha and Click Hindi films. She plays the negative role in ‘Rasagulla’.

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