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Posted date: 27/October/2008

Well known director Shivamani expert for his technical excellence in Kannada films from the days of ‘Rajakiya’ film is now taking a major deviation in his career from ‘JOSH’ Kannada film made for S.V.Productions.

The age group of 16 to 22 is very important among the youths. The right decision in this age would lead to right and safety future in life is what director Shivamani says in ‘Josh’ besides injecting some pleasant medicine even to the elders.

Take a look at what Shivamani has got to say on ‘JOSH’ and its contents:

  • The film ‘Josh’ will be my career best and the effort what I have put here is equivalent to my earlier 10 films.

  • More than a year of search and research to meet the right elements of the film I have traveled to school and colleges to know the pulse of the youth.

  • The whole film is like how parents get ready their children to schools.

  • What I have understood and saying in the film ‘Josh’ is that youths should be given time to what they say.

  • For the 5 to 20 age group ‘Josh’ will be a pure fun and entertaining film. They can see them plus in conclusion they can get a message.

  • From 21 to 40 would know how we should deal with the kids. Inviting them and talking to the problems even though it is small is the only way out. Distancing should not be there between children and parents.

  • For 41 to 60 for having done like this I have come to this situation. The pros and cons will be available for them in judging his personal life. This is a journey for all the age group. If you don’t believe your children then who else you believe?

  • I have not hammered on the issues and made a philosophical speech. I am going in detail and making the audience to understand.

  • The plus and minus happening around the youths is also focused.

  • For example the ‘DRAG’ race that is killing the youths and taking them to wrong path is touched through one of the characters.

  • ‘Drag’ on high way roads is the most treacherous. It is operated on two systems – ‘Key to Key’ and ‘Scrap’.

  • In Key to Key the rider should handover the key if does not maintain the certain speed in the heavy traffic.

  • In ‘Scrap’ the youths after losing the race will be seeing in their own eyes the vehicles being burnt in front of them.
  • This is what affecting the youths today. 70 percent of the youths are interested in this and most of them meeting the accident are in the ‘Coma’ stage in hospitals. Most of the losers lie in the houses and the dejection crops up in the mind.

  • I have arranged for a separate shoot to cover this dreadful activity just to alert the youths.

  • ‘Josh’ will be an eye opener. It connects all age group and commercial pattern is not given up.

  • This is the film made in Super 35 MM camera. DI technology will be applied for the film.

  • I have taken 22 days to dub for this film. What is the specialty is that all the artists required for the scene – a minimum of six are asked to be there in the dubbing time to give even a minute voice dub. I am also applying the new system of ‘Premix’ for dubbing. The attitude and slang should not miss is also focused.

  • For songs I have made a study why there is fan following for AR Rehman and Harris Jairaj. The melody is the key. The mix of sound and melody is given care here from music director Vardhan for ‘Josh’. Vardhan has a rich work experience in the camp of MM Keervani. He is the south India best key board player. All the six songs in ‘Josh’ are for all age group.

  • I have been looking for targeted audience from this film. I was like ‘lost in the market’. Rajakiya, Golibaar, Swathi, Miniguthare, Love You and others were one after the other for a framework. I look at senior Raghavendra Rao in his work. He has given different shades in his dexterity.

  • Whatever may be the influence of technology, there should be stuff in the ‘Story’ of the film. Look at ‘Sawariya’ says Shivamani. It is a technical tower but so sordid that it did not had a story.

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