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Posted date: 25 Tue, May 2021 05:18:34 PM
The super star of Kannada cinema expressed his ambition to become CM of the state. Recently he went to the help of farmers growing Tomatoes and remained very transparent in his support.

Now he is saying he wants to be the CM of the state, will you elect if I contest at the elections he asks? Take a look at what he says -

See, I am doing social service! I am buying direct from farmers, distributing it free to the needy... I will also fight vigorously during elections, scream about the ruling party, the opposition party`s failures and ask you to elect me.. I will work for your bright future, will work day-and-night for making Karnataka the greatest state.. Can you elect me??

I don`t know if you will elect me or not, but I won`t contest in the election.

Then, you may ask why we need Uttama Prajakeeya Party?..

Rajakeeya - gives people that become leaders by fame. *Prajakeeya* does not make leaders. Here, people that are common people, not necessarily famous, will stand in elections… if you vote for them and give the job of representing you, they will do the job *you* want, give you account for every paisa with complete transparency

If they don`t follow SOP, or if you are not happy with their performance... or if they want to change to another party.. *I* Upendra will be with you, as your CM… I will fight alongside you until that  person is ousted…Let there be a few extra elections if required to fix this system!

There should be a provision to stand down (recall) a representative in law.

For that power, I will be permanently with you, a permanent CM (Common Man)...

No no… I will be one of all of you, the extraordinary common people

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